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When you choose an Eden Spaces garden room, not only are you investing in a product that will stand the test of time, that wont cost a fortune to heat and has been expertly designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard but you're redefining what your garden room can be. 

Using the very latest technology, highest-grade materials and quality craftsmanship our bespoke panel designs and innovative build methods (seen also in high end modular built homes) are all provided as standard with a 10 year design guarantee as well as a 10 year structural warranty. Giving you unrivalled peace of mind for your new garden room. 

We havent stripped back what you have included as standard in our pricing to create a low headline hook, we prefer to be up front and include the bits you want as standard with a clearly defined price.


You're also choosing to avoid the chaos and disruption of an on site build, that often leave more of an impact on the environment and your garden than necessary. Our designs have all been created with the installation process in mind, that means all the timber is properly rated and secured, where possible we use a premium galvanised steel ground screw for a solid but fast bas foundation, all the bolt joints are adequate for not just day to day stresses but have been carefully calculated to withstand the transportation process to your home, plus many more finite details that have all been rigorously tested. 

We're passionate about what we create and in a marketplace that typically compromises standards for speed 

we pride ourselves on redefining what your garden room can be



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